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Lost root access

Hi team, 
      I lost root access after the ota update last month on my oneplus one (bacon)


  • Install super SU in Twrp, reboot - ready
  • I got this same problem on my Moto G4 Plus. I flashed RR-N-v5.8.3-20170415-athene-official which I  think is the recent build that is available on sourceforge. So it flashed Magisk v12.0 with it, but now when I open Magisk Manager it shows that device is rooted also it shows that Magisk 12.0 is jnstalled but it shows the dialog alongwith that internet connection is unavailable so can't update Magisk to v14.0 but when I download the module from Magisk Manager it downloads the module, so clearly internet is working but it can't update Magisk or do I have to update that by manually flashing Magisk 14.0 zip in Twrp.

    Anyways I didn't update Magisk and continued to work on my device with what it installed. First I installed Root Validator and it is unable to search for SuperSU app. But it was working just fine.but after sometime it started giving errors with root access to apps and Magisk shows no root. And CTS verification failed. I rebooted the device and Magisk Manager shows that root is present, but actually it ain't working. So I reverted back to RR-N-v5.8.2-20170221-athene-official build. 

    So what I actually want to know after all this..

    1. How am I supposed to update Magisk v12.0 to Magisk v14.0. Do I have to do it manually?
    2. Is it necessary to flash SuperSU after flashing the ROM, if yes which version of SuperSU is recommended?

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