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REQUEST FOR STABLE RR ROM FOR UMI PLUS E (6GB/64GB Variant) based on Android 7/8

I firstly thank the Ressurection Remix Team for building such an amazing ROM for many devices. I was using Lenovo K3 note, and i have installed RR ROM on it. And i love it..
And now i have bought new UMI PLUS E phone, but it is on Android 6 and also many times it stucks, reboots, and some bugs are present..
So I Request The RR team to build an RR ROM for UMI PLUS E on android 7 or 8.
I have an suggestion on security app to be included in the further builds. If RR Team permits me then i will disclose the app to RR team.

Thank You. And Am waiting for the RR ROM for my UMI PLUS E..


  • Hi Folks!
    do have a new ROM for UMI Plus E ?
    I am looking for a new one.
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