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RR-N-5.8.3 Weak Wifi Signal

Hello, I just installed the v5.8.3 on my Mi4 LTE last week, much of all I really love this ROM, the gaming perfomance is top-notch and also the battery life is terrific. But there is this single problem about the wifi signal, I always get the weak signal response from my Wifi router at home (I'm only a meter away from the router). I do the comparasion, with another phone (iPhone 5), both devices were connected to the same wifi on the same close distance to the router, and I opened up Mobile Legends game on both devices, and on the iPhone, showed 30-80ms ping, while on the Mi4, it showed 130-250ms ping. Can anyone help me on this? If I use the mobile network, the ping is normal, but since we all know that everyone will use Wifi instead of mobile network when the wifi is available, thus this problem really bothering me. Thank you very much! 


  • I am relating your problem with hardware issue. Can you confirm if you were having same error with other Android software such as Cynogenmod or the original framework came with phone?

    There is nothing to do with wifi signals in framework.
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