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Upgrade to Oreo, Error 7

edited February 18 in ROM Support
Trying to upgrade to Oreo from RR-5.8.5 Android 7.1.2 as per announcement @
and I'm getting Error 7.

Having had a look at the Asserts, I think it is because I am on an earlier Modem, and in that announcement they say:

"OnePlus 5 and 5T users please note
Use the latest twrp by codeworks and make sure you are on the latest open beta firmwares for each ."

So I have downloaded from: 5/Firmware + Modems/Android 8.0.0/Open Beta
the  "OnePlus5_OpenBeta5-FIRMWARE+MODEM-flashable" which is for Android 8.

My problem is am I doing the right thing as I have Android 7 currently? Do I flash this firmware+modem, stay in recovery and then flash the RR Rom, gapps and finally MagiskMask, or do I need to flash a different firmware and modem first? I'm concerned as the firmware+modem downloaded is dated 30/01/18 and the Assert mentions: (oneplus.verify_modem("2018-01-29 20:16:42") == "1")

Thanks for reading and responding (hopefully).
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