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[1P3T] No longer saving sRGB setting

Hey guys,

I've been a long time RR user, it was my favorite ROM on my OnePlus 3 and it still is on my 3T.

However, with the latest update ( the sRGB setting under Settings, Display, Live Display, Color Profile is lost after some time being locked and unlocked.

The setting is still showing sRGB, but the colors have reverted to the default setting (I think Standard). Choosing another and back to sRGB reapplies the setting.

I think Photography is the same but that one doesn't stick either.

This bug has plagued other 7.x based ROMS (plenty to be found about it on CyanogenMod 14). I was happy when RR didn't suffer from this issue and as far as I remember, it never has had this issue.

Hopefully it's easy to hunt down :).

Thanks for an otherwise perfect ROM!



  • Just to add, I've wiped, flashed the previous ROM back and can confirm the setting sRGB sticks. I upgrade and the setting is lost some time after setting it. Sometimes immediately after a lock/unlock, sometimes it takes some time.

    For now I'll stick with 2409 update.
  • After restoring the Nandroid backup I took before updating, today I tried to dirty flash the 20171017 update. It doesn't even boot.

    I did a factory wipe but still would not boot.

    I restored the Nandroid backup and I am back on 2409 update.

    To be clear, the Oneplus3 ROM is the only one updating out of the Oneplus3t and oneplus3_unified folders on sourceforge. 1p3 and 1p3t are now the unified builds for both models right?
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