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RR-N-5.8.5 - USB file access not working / Unable to connect to a PEAP wifi

Hi folks,

I upgraded my N7100 a couple of weeks ago to RR-N-5.8.x. I then used the built-in upgrade function and I'm currently running RR-N-5.8.5-20171206-n7100-Final. The new ROM seems to be working well but has two notable problems:
1. When I plug into USB, Windows recognises the phone, opens Explorer but neither files nor folders are visible.
2. I'm unable to connect to the PEAP wifi network at my university.
3. (Before I updated to 5.8.5, it seemed that the phone couldn't talk to the GPS. I haven't tested my nav software since I updated.)

I previously ran a custom ROM for several years without trouble and I'm using the same USB cables and ports as I have been for over a year so I'm confident that the cables and ports are fine.

My phone can connect to WPA2 networks without a problem and I was able to connect to uni wifi prior to the upgrade to RR. My laptop connects to the uni wifi so I know that my login/password are OK.

Any ideas why I'm having these problems? Would I be best to switch to a different ROM? I don't do much with my phone but GPS, USB file access and uni wifi are essential for me.

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