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Need resurrection remix for star n3+

I'm trying to port RR to star n3+ (mt6592), but remain blocked at splash screen (no boot animation). Used Carliv 2.2 and install rr ok. In this phone I installed Android 4.4.2 custom rom based on previous rom 4.2.2 For install your rom I done the following steps (I taken files from custom): Replace files from your Stock ROM to this ROM In /system/lib/ : - - - - - - - In /system/bin/ : - gsm* (all files with the name gsm) - rild (replace rild from working cm13) In /system/etc/ : - bluetooth, firmware, wifi (replace entire folder) In boot.img : - kernel/zimage - Changed meta-inf file script for mount point What must I do more to let start it?. But if u can give me the ready rom, I'll be happy
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