Resurection remix 6 (8.1.0) Galaxy S5 (klteduos) camera is not recording video

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Hi guys Camera in rom resurrection remix 6  Does not record video Because it will not be saved video I even changed the camera app but failed in resurrection remix 6 Help me please


  • Please fixed it bug
  • Good day to all. Firstly let me thank you for an awesome ROM but I also am experiencing this problem. I can take pictures without any issue but cannot record video and get the same issue as the OP. 

    Amy assistance in rectifying this problem will be highly appreciated.
  • I just realized that I did not give full information regarding the issue. Like the op as soon as I start video recording it shows that it is recording but as soon as I stop recording the camera app freezes and have to be closed by going to the main screen. A recording then shows up in the gallery but is corrupted and cannot be opened  I've tried several other camera apps with the same result. 
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    I have the same problem. After recording video, nothing is saved, nothing saving in first and the second version.
    SM-G900F klte 
  • Does the developers ever reply to queries? 
  • I found the answer on XDA-Developers :) It is a known bug that the stock and other camera apps does not work with video recording. Download and install "Footej"camera from the playstore, it works flawlessly :)
  • I have the same problem. My device is SM-G900F (klte) with RR-O-v6.0.0-20180323-klte-Official. I hope this problem is solved in future versions.
  • Hello dear developer I've downloaded your custom firmware Resurrection Remix v.6.0.0 on my tablet Xiaomi Mi Pad (Mocha). I really like the build of this firmware, I'd like you to make the camera work and another such bug when I lock the tablet display and literally does not last long I press the button where to turn on and off the tablet I press on it nothing happens the display does not glow I hold the button appears Mi-type and the tablet turned on and everything works fine but it's not for long, you lock the screen back for 5 minutes you do not get the tablet in RU ki and then you want to turn on nothing happens display black screen I keep not long button the logo appearsMi here this problem please eliminine. I want to go to android 8.1 I want to use the new assembly of custom firmware Resurrection Remix. As there will be new assemblies Resurrection Remix will be released each month or not? Write me please. I really appreciate your answer. Please read.
  • Yes footej camera is the answer i have RR 8.1 oreo on s4 mini - camera worked fine for shots but crashed every time i tried to take a video - spent over 1hr trying all sorts of fixes but to no avail - saw your recommendation for footej and tried it doubting it would work but it does so i paid for the full version!! Not bad just £2.99
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