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(SM-G900I) Bug: Charging indicator loops instead of showing charging percent

Device: Galaxy S5 SM-G900I
Clean flash of Resurrection Remix 6.0.0

This is a bug report as I am unaware how to submit an official report.

What happens: The RR charging indicator never appears when plugging device into power. Instead, the "boot-up" phase before the charging indicator loops.

How to reproduce:
1) Turn off device
2) Plug device into power
3) Observe "pre-charging" indicator appearing (Like the boot-up phase for the charging indicator) as well as Set Warranty Bit: Kernel appearing in the top-left corner of the screen, indicating a boot-up process
4) Observe screen turn black
5) Observe step 3) occurring again in a loop until device is unplugged from power.
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