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Bluetooth hands-free device not working (worked in nougat) Kenzo (Oreo)

Hey :)
I have a Redmi Note 3 Pro (Kate, Kenzo running on Oreo second, newest Update) and I'm using Resurrection Remix for a long time, everything worked fine on Nougat but then I updated to Oreo and still almost everything fine, only two problems. 
First Problem: I don't have the option anymore to set my led to a prefered color when the phone is loading (like orange etc).
Bigger problem is that i'm driving a Passat 2012 with an RNS-315 and I can hear music but when I try to call someone there is a "scratching sound" he is doing it but the sound is like "chrrrrz". 
Had no problems on Nougat, I'm sure it is not difficult to fix that but the function is very important for me because I can only call with the hands-free device.
I have by the way the newest (second) update. 
Thanks for your help :) 
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