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[helium] Mi Max Prime random bootloops (RR 6.0)

Hi everyone.

First of all, the ROM is awesome in terms of tweaks / functionality.

Sadly I've been having strange bootloop issues: system works great but in about 3 or 4 days it may randomly start glitching: like 2 times already the Google Music produces no sound at all (another system sounds work just well) and when I reboot the device (helium) it bootloops after that. This happened to me 3 times already in one week. One time it refused to boot with no connection to sound issues.

I did a series of experiments and found out that if it bootlooped:

1. TWRP backup (all partitions) restore does not fix bootloop
2. Wipe of /cache /dalvik does not fix bootloop
3. Wipe of /data does not fix bootloop

What fixes the bootloop is:
1. Wiping /system /dalvik /cache /data (and factory reset just to make sure)
2. Installing, installing gapps in TWRP
3. Booting system and refusing to set up Google account
4. Rebooting and restoring /data in TWRP

NB: If I restore /data without initial "bare" boot - it bootloops also.

I think that some partition gets corrupted over time by kernel or something like that. It may be some security related partition as it is not a part of TWRP backup, that's why factory reset fixes the bootloop but complete TWRP restore - does not.

I have Magisk and a couple of modules installed including exposed, all mods are systemless and in my opinion have no connection to the problem (bootloop starts rendomly after reboot, not after module installation).

Could somebody advice something in my situation? Do I need to make a logcat just in the moment when device stucks in boot logo?
I'm ready provide any info if this helps.

PS: couple of glitches (autobrightness icon - already mentioned), all kernel governors are set to performance - which drains battery rapidly (I personally use conservative for big an interactive for little - helps A LOT).
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