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RR6.0 klte. ERROR: Blocked Screen on Wakeup

ROM: RR-O-v6.0.0-20180323-klte-Official
Device: Samsung S5 SM-G900M  (KLTE)

Instalation: Clean install, without OGapps, without other software, unrooted (same error rooted whit software installed)

Error description: When Samsung S5 is not charging, with screen off, specialy (but not only) playing music, randomly, when i try to wakeup it, the screen light on, with a blue background and a clock in the upper half of the screen (change to yelllow when i put it to charge or when i try to take a screen shot with adb shell screencap (images atached) The screen image change when a phone call is incoming. (see second image attached)

But the Phone don't unlock.

The hard buttons are responsive but don't give me access to the launcher, or execute other secondary function asigned to them, whit exeption of long press flashlight on and off. Even reset keeping power button pressed is unresponsive.
The blocked screen image look like similar (in size almost) to the S-view flip cover screen image  (I don't have it)
If it's a hardware (my) problem, it isn't affecting the phone now with the  Rom: RR-N-v5.8.5-20171231-klte-Final that I install again.

Only workaround: pull off the battery  and restart

Solution tried: I deleted the lockclock and the clock apk, enable and disable the locks screen options, etc..
I'm not skilled enougth to understand the problem on logcat taked with the fail active (see it attached)
The same error ocurrs with the rom: RR-O-v6.0.0-20180312-klte-Official, not with the RR-N-v5.8Final.

Thanks to listen my cry  ;-) 
Thanks for this eeeexcelent ROM.
Thanks for share your work, your code, your mind, your heart.
Thanks for the software libre!!
Excuse my English from Uruguay..



  • mmm... SORRY. IS MY FAULT
    I suspect it`s a hardware problem... Indeed get it on RR Nugat Final restore and RR Nugat clean.... I not so traitor to install the stock rom...
    Any sugestions? Magnet sensor or sleeping disabling??

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