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Can I get Change Keyboard notification back?

Resurrection Remix OS:

OnePlus 5T (A1050)

Android Version:

It's a simple problem but I've been searching all over the Internet and haven't got a good answer. 
Previously, in both AOSP, Oxygen OS on this OnePlus 5T and AOSP Extended (aka AEX) I used on another device, when I tap on a text box and start typing, I get a "Change Keyboard" notification in the notification area. Tapping on this notification gives me the modal where I can select another keyboard.

And what's going on in RR is, first, I've never seen this notification, no matter I type in a text box or not, regardless of the input method I use; second, I can't find the option in settings that gives me this notification, if there is this option at all.

Not every user using RR uses Google Keyboard and not every Android keyboard has a key that allows the user to bring up the "change keyboard" modal. Any help about this problem will be appreciated.

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