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Resurection Remix for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

edited May 10 in ROM Support
hello guys , hello RR team !

1st of all i would like to admire your job . last weeks i had research custom roms and now i am very shure that RR is best rom i v ever seen (even a boot animations - my respect for you) . and magisk instead of SU - excellent ! 

but ... as a result of my research , i found out that my device (xiaomi mi mix 2) is not supported by RR team officially . it made me very upset . cause i think that Mi Mix 2 is a one of the best price/quality device for now (after announce mi mix 2s it's price was descended below 350$) . and it is xiaomi ! you r support some other xiami devices , so ... is it hard work (is it even possible?) to make a RR rom for one another xiaomi device , please ? look , even the name (Mi Mix) of device is asks (cry so loud) to have a Resurrection Remix Rom (Re Mix) . this mixture (MIXture , get at?) can even have an unique logo !

so my question is : can people who sincerely love your project ask u about supporting new devices ? if we can , what can we do for help u to make the agreement decision ? or maybe u have to plan to create this one , anyway i very want to know ur opinion about it

actually , there is the one handmade rom RR for mi mix 2 (unofficially!) , but it is very lazy (only one person try to support it in its free time) . it has problems with battarey life and some sensors , and it hasent any supporting force like a true team . so , unofficially - is more , than just a postscript ...

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