Kenzo Camera problem

With new update , my kenzo stop supporting Camera , ,.......... Please help.


  • i am also facing the same problem i installed 20180422 version
    the version those are out in may are causing this problem.
    i couldnt find a fix for this do share it with us if you can come up with something
  • Same problem here as well please fix this soon
  • edited May 15
    Same Problem here after latest update.. just reset the device (with all data) and you're good to go! :)

    hope the developer solve the issue soon.
  • we cant reset the device every time we update.
  • Kenzo camera problems not solved , in current update RR-O-v6.0.0-20180520-kenzo-official, developer or maintainer please solve this
  • Me too. Hope they can fix it soon. I tried downloading third party camera apps and they don't work. This is the update's problem.
  • Try Agni Kernel, Camera works.
  • Just roll back to previous version rom if they fixed in latest rom please let me know at
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