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Oreo problems on hammerhead (Nexus 5)

Hello everyone,

Last day I updated my Nexus 5 2013, namecode hammerhead, to Oreo with Resurrection Remix and since then I am quite disappointed.
Today I am running the latest release (RR-O-v6.0.0-20180513) and this feeling is not gone. The more I am using my phone and the more it seems like I am using some kind of beta system. Here are the two main reasons why :
- many customizations settings are gone, such as clock personnalization in lock screen and so on
- the behaviour of the system is not the same as the stock 8.1 ROM, and some libraries are simply unsupported. You can verify by yourself with the app that I develop : (also available on F-Droid if you want)

So my questions are : what is going on? Is all of this "normal"? Is it specific to my phone?

As a developer, I cannot work with a system that I cannot rely on, and if these problems will not be solved, I am seriously thinking about migrating to another ROM like Lineage OS (because yeah, I forgot to say that Magisk does not work with Nougat on my phone, thus I cannot downgrade without losing root access).

Thank you in advance.

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