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[Request][Support] Found some bugs that has always been out there in RR, since marshmallow.

Resurrection Remix 6.0 Final
Oneplus One
Fresh install after wiping everything (had issues with google services when dirty flashing)
Magisk and Xposed installed (without any modules yet)
Odexed system apps through LP 
Still had to disable many options in the aroma installer, to install it so skipped to nano. (First install was success, now if i try to fresh install the rom again, gapps keep crashing no matter what) It's good I had a backup to revert back. 


1) Notification panel/Status bar doesn't pull down at all. 
    Well it works right off after a clean install, but it's been happening since marshmallow. That something messes it up and the panel/bar is not pull-able at all. Normally without the expanded desktop it works, it's not kind of the problems people have online with the notification panel not pulling down, since they don't have the expanded desktop enabled. So any fixes from those threads didn't help at all. When there's an app that uses the full screen, like any game or watching youtube in full screen, it doesn't come down at all. So, that's the problem that's been in all versions of RR since marshmallow. The only option is to reset it, that always works but the bug can occur randomly anytime. I don't know the exact cause of it. But right now, I'm stuck with it and I really don't want to reset it now, and since it always seems to find it's way back I don't think I need that kind of a solution but a permanent fix for it. 

2) Memory Usage
    Have been seeing that after each android version, the memory usage has been going up and above. When it came out on the original ROM CM, the memory usage was around 1 GB, and I had always had around 2.0-2.1 GB free, marshmallow, came out as 1.6-1.9 GB free, nougat, the memory usage increased again and I always had just around 1.5-1.7 GB. Now this Oreo update, I just have barely around 1.09 GB left out for me as the free memory. Lol, what is that, is it some kind of a glitch or something like that, since I really need my memory back or else I'll really have to revert back to marshmallow, since that's the only RR build I ever liked 100%. Everything was so perfect about it. The best feature, Multiwindow and Floating windows. Anyways, what can I do to get my memory back, can anyone confirm how much they are having on their OPOs.

3) Not able to install Gapps on a fresh build at all.
    I tried with magisk gapps, even that didn't work at all. Since dirty flashing and updating the gapps for 8.1 was a total failure too many apps kept on crashing, a new fresh install of the RR 6.0 and gapps over it worked quite good, but now if I try to do the process again the gapps crash. It's the google play services that never work. Magisk Gapps never work ever.

So I'm at a stall for what to do, since I am also having some random crashes with some of the other apps, my guess is that the low memory is the culprit since I can't even open more than 4 apps before having it lagging and then ultimately crashing.

Need a fix for these problems. Now for the request. 


There's only one request that I have always been asking on the xda forums, but never had much to go along it from the devs and users too. The multi window and floating window feature was like the Selling Point or the best feature for me in RR v5.7.4, that's the one thing I still prefer that build over these nougat and oreo ones, and would move over to that buld without a doubt ever. The modues from xposed doesn't quite do the work for me. Don't even know what other people didn't quite like about that feature. I mean it's handy enough for mmorpgs, which seem to connect to servers again and again if the apps are swapped. There are loads of scenarios where that feature can be so much handy. Lol, I can live without any feature but that, so it's a dire request to the devs to get this back in Android 9.0 if the development for bacon doesn't discontinue, or if there's any way to rip the feature out and get it in this build, I could do the steps or a guide for it. I really loved that one feature more than any. I'd love if anyone could help me get that same thing to the Oreo build. 

That's all. 
Thanks to the devs and any and all contributing members. 


  • Anyone? Gonna bump it up since the status bar is a real issue, is there any fix for that at least?
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