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RR 6.0: Hardware button remapping missing


In RR 5.8 Settings, hardware buttons could be remapped, e.g., Recents button remapped to Menu, long press Home button to Recents, etc.  This functionality seem to be missing on RR 6.0 (but is available in Lineage 15.1 Settings).

Will this be added at some point, or do I just have to activate some RR-specific overlay to get this functionality on my device?



  • 有的啊,设置,配置,按键,实体按键
  • setting,configurations,buttons, hardware,keys
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    I can't read this, sorry.

    On my device, if I go into the hardware keys settings, I only have settings to disable hardware keys completetly and to change the button backlight settings.  There are no reconfiguration options for the home and recents keys.

    So apparently the question is, what overlay setting do I have to activate for my device build, to allow remapping of the home and recent hardware keys?

  • Never mind, the problem is solved.

    tl;dr: I had to add config_deviceHardwareKeys to my local rr-specific overlay config.

    The problem is that the same setting in  ${device dir}/overlay-lineage/lineage-sdk/lineage/res/res/values/config.xml is not recognized, which I had expected, but I think I see why this doesn't work as desired.

  • good job 
  • i can't read u too d(`・ω・´)b赞maybe  u need upgrade your firmware from  here
  • never mind i send worry words
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