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Calling issues in blutooth headsets in redmi note 3

Problem with blutooth call... Sound is not eneble with blutooth headphone in redmi note 3 (kenzo)..plz solve this problem, otherwise rom is very good.....


  • maybe the bug appears to be in latest rom just roll back to previous version and i dont find any issues with that
  • I am also facing same problem in my Moto G5S plus. After connecting bluetooth voice on phone calls are not audible.

    But I can listen to songs and video after connecting bluetooth on youtube, gaana, mxplayer. 

    Problem is with phone calls only.

    Same bluetooth headset works perfectly fine on other Android phone (calls, videos, songs everything works very well).

    I have installed on my moto G5Splus.
    Please help?
  • I AM same problem in my Samsung s4. Phone call only via Bluetooth. Tanks.

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