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Problems installing RR 5.8.5/6.1.0 on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro

edited July 13 in ROM Support
As title says, I have some problems installing RR on this device.

When i install RR 5.8.5(2017-12-17)(after wiping both caches, system, data and the using the "Format Data" button in TWRP), the device gets in bootloop. If i connect it to the PC, i can hear system sound (never heard it before, probably Nougat sound signifying device getting connected to PC) but the boot still goes on forever.

When i install RR 6.1.0(2018-07-08 AND 2018-06-25) (after wiping above mentioned stuff) the device keeps booting, but after some time it gets rebooted into TWRP.

Bootloader is unlocked. Phone codename - Kenzo, ROMs were downloaded for Kenzo device from the Sourceforge. TWRP version - 3.2.2-0-kenzo. Newest firmware installed from this thread on XDA: ; (8.7.3 Kenzo only)

Please help. Thanks in advance.


  • Double check if your device is Redmi Note 3 Pro, and NOT Redmi Note 3 Special Edition/SE. I have one at home, they are different inside and in software. Same specs are listed for both devices but they aren't the same!
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