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RR and accessibility for the blind: some thoughts

First and foremost I would like to say "Hi" to all of you, both users and developers of the Resurrection Remix ROM!
I am using your OS for almost a week now and I love it so far, but there are problems with it, especially with the settings application.
As I stated in the post's title, I am blind. That means I have to use the screen reading software to navigate arround the phone's interface. For this purpose I do use Talkback, Android's build in screenreader.
My first problem arose on the first configuration screen. There is an Android's accessibility shortcuts. On android 7.1 and below it is holding two fingers on the screen unless you hear speech
On Oreo it is holding both volume keys for 3 seconds.
On RR it doesn't seem to work tuth the first configuration was impossible without help of sighted person.
So my question is: would it be possible to allow use of these shortcuts by default?
Now I am going to my second problem: the "configuration" tab in settings.
It is divided into some tabs like status bar, desktop ETC, that is fine and accessible, but there are some unlabelled buttons that I don't know uses of.
Would it be possible to wrijte these labels for them?
Thank you in advance and I hope to get involved in some great discussions on here! 
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