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feature suggestion - non-static data limit


I am using RR on an Asus Zenfone Selfie for a couple of days now and really like it!

I have a feature idea that I would really like to see and RR makes me hopes that this might be possible/the right people to ask:
I would like to have a non-static but constantly growing data limit/warning. RR already shows how many percent of data had been used up. I think it would be great to have a data limit based on the days left to the next data usage reset day. For example: 300MB data in a 30day month:

1. Day: data limit: 10MB (1/30th of cycle) (warning might be at 9 - 1/30th - 10%  or the like)
2. Day: data limit: 20MB (2/30th of cycle) (warning might be at 18 - 1/30th - 10% or 19 - not really imortant to me)
and so on

That would help me use my data evenly throughout the month and avoid that accidentally I watch movies through mobile data while at home thinking my wifi is connected or at least that would not use more data than the current date would justify.

I had tried to find a way to do that with tasker but there really seems to be no.way (even root or the like) to change those values.


  • Hi,
    I really wonder: do really only I like this idea? Or is this just not the right place to post something like that? Where to post feature requests?
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