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Xiaomi Mi Mix - A few issues

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This discussion was created from comments split from: Requesting Support.
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    hello - i'm sorry but i cannot see a way to post a new topic on the ROM support forum - am i not logged in properly? i only see 1 discussion - this one - and i need help - thanks.

    hello - thanks for the help!

    using Xiaomi Mi Mix device with download from yesterday - latest.

    i'm sure you guys can help in a flash but where should i go with future questions? i can't find a general manual PDF or anything which describes all the millions of options available in this OS - thanks for the help in finding the best source.

    first i have no sound on apps - system sounds are ok but Youtube/Google Music/Music have no sound by default, VLC can switch to OpenSL and it works so how can i do that system wide?

    please tell me how to modify the device name? when i click on it in info nothing happens.

    is there a way to remove the google tool bar on the top of every page on now launcher?

    is there a voice recorder app included in the package?

    thanks so much for your help! almost there!

  • Hi there

    Thanks for posting, I am sure someone will help you soon.  I split the topic into a support category.  You just need to hit "New Discussion" and then choose a category (in this case "Rom Support") and then make sure to use the tags feature.

    The new forum doesn't use the old forum type structure, it's much more discussion based.  It will take a little time, but people will adapt <span>:smile:</span>
    Resurrection Remix Forum Dude
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    Hello all,
    I have the same issue with a Xiaomi Mi6.
    Google Play Music, VLC, and Beyond Podcast does not play any sound on wired headphones, with bluetooth there is no issue.
    Spotify and soundcloud does play the music correctly
    I've noticed with Google Play Music that works correctly when playing streaming songs, but not with local stored (downloaded) songs.
    Also MusicFx crashes all the time when Google Play Music, VLC, and Beyond Podcast are running.
    Also music visualization on lock screen does not work.
    Any help?

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