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Microphone not working, Cannot install certain apps, GPS is not accurate.

Well, since I rooted and installed Resurrection Remix everything just went downhill. My mic was not working before, but now it works a couple of minutes after restarting the phone. I know it is software related because others have the same problem as me with the Oneplus 3.

Cannot install The walking dead our world for example. App is not supported for your device, even though I know it is supported. Tried clearing cache and data from google play and services. Restarted phone like 30 times. Even tried to adjust display size and text to large and clearing cache and restarted many times. I can only install this app if I manually download the apk and install it.

When I check maps my location is out of accuracy and it takes maybe 30 seconds before it shows right location. It did not happen before. I can jump several kms and it is annoying.

Is there a solution or should I just go back to Oxygen Os?

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