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No media output through speaker [RROS 5.8.5 capricorn]

edited October 2017 in ROM Support
Hi there,

First of all, I am somewhat of a noob so please pardon my ignorance.

I am using an Mi 5S device (3GB/64GB version).
I few days ago I successfully flashed RR v5.8.5 20171011.
Android version 7.1.2
Kernel version:
jenkins@turkdevs #1

The issue:
Sound output through the earpiece is fine. 
I get all sorts of output when I plug in my earphones.

But I strictly do not get any "media" sound output through my phone speakers.
 For example, if I play a song there is no output through the phone speaker.
Or, if I'm watching a video on youtube there is no sound unless I plug in my earphones.

But the phone speaker seems to work fine during calls. I can use loud speaker when calling anyone using the dialer or when calling someone on Facebook messenger.

Please provide a detailed step-by-step solution for this as I am a bit of a noob as I've mentioned earlier.

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