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Magisk not working

Magisk not working, I installed the magisk manager and downloaded the zip file but it doesn't flash, it's says some problem with cant patch boot.img , 


  • from what I understand Magisk can only patch an unmodified stock boot image.  If yours is custom then magisk can't patch it. 
  • I was able to install Magisk on S7 with RR using TWRP but cannot fully pass SafetyNet check. Either I get The response is invalid. Or the check status is successful but I see ctsProfile: false. I don't yet understand what this will mean when I need to use root.

    but neither do I understand why? the same combination of Magisk and Magisk Manager passes all the time on my older S4 mini which I only recently upgraded from CM12 to evaluate RR before installing on a new S7.

    And so I am also confused because I read here and I think elsewhere than Magisk cannot patch (install?) on a custom ROM. I think I read somewhere else to install on the stock ROM first. But then what's the point if the whole idea is to ROOT.

    Is the idea to install Magisk on Stock first before flashing RR? Would love to know as this is driving me nuts.
  • I install Magisk 14.1 on resurrection rr 5.8.5 but when I try to install 15.1 everything is messed up
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