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RR 5.8.5: the Baseband on G900P works only if bootloader is LL 5.0 OK4

edited November 2017 in ROM Support
Hi everyone here, thank you for this marvellous work, the ROM works perfectly.. maybe the best release I've ever seen on a S5.
I've spent some time around the phone to make the baseband (network signal/call,sms and mobile data availability) work, finally I've solved the problem, but not really happy how..
I flashed last Resurrection remix, over stock G900PVPU3BOK4_G900PSPT3BOK4_G900PVPU3BOK4_HOME.tar (they said last of LL 5.0) as boot loader. When I used the MM PK1 bootloader the baseband wasn't working, as well after I left the stock OK4 update itself by internet to MM.. for all the several updates (that inluced the more recent baseband) the network was off..
Now I have a very old baseband, and probably buggy.. it doesn't guarantee me the maximum coverage probably.
The problem is unexpectated, scaring me to loose too much time again trying all the ROM stocks I can find around to update the baseband, do you have a bootloader (by Odin) to suggest? Are you conscious of this problem? (I'm using probably and import phone, in a foregner country, with a foreigner Sim card.. but with OK4 seems all good..)


  • anyone can kindy help me? Thank you!
    Yesterday something strange happened, After installing all apps to phone, and used it for different hours, screen went black but with touch keys down lighted.. unfortunately after few seconds the phone crashed on ground (I have a soft wood, so nothing that could hurt it), then the screen was responsive when I pressed the power button to check if works, then I let it light off itself and when I used it after 10 min I had the screen always off (black), with some responses of lights of touch buttons if I press them, and a brief tone (never heard before). Switching phone off and on it vibrates, lights may go on, but always black screen.
    Byt the way I've bring phone to shop today and they kindly gave me another one, I'm afraid the combination of LL bootloader and Nougat bricked the phone.. and I ask help to confirm my worries.
    Before gave the phone to shop, as I had my bank datas inside, I put the phone in download mode somehow and I flashed the stock rom.. the problem wasn't solved.

    May the phone brick (display off, and not loading os) because of that?
    Thank you
  • I'm having big battery issues with LL 5.0, I really need to upgrade the phone, but I need to know the right bootloader. Can somebody help pls?
  • I really need help, thank you
  • solved with some pain, needed to pit the phone and flash the stock MM, then boot to check the baseband, then flash twrp and RR+gapps. All info here:
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