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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 / MUTE MIC on Bluetooth Call



I encounter a very annoying problem on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910F): after a while, the MIC does not work anymore but ONLY during bluetooth calls, (whether Jabra headset or vehicle).


If I switch to loudspeaker or handset during the call it works.


So, I never know if I could answer a call by car or when I have my Jabra headset in the office :-(((


The only way I have found is to reset the network settings in the network options for it to work! (reboot the phone or clear the "bluetooth share" cache does not work!)


Thank you for your help and this EXCELLENT ROM !!


ps: I tried several versions from v 5.7.4 (6.0.1) to v5.8.5 (7.1.2) ... same problem

ps2 : also, fingerprint doesn't work :-(

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