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Problem making/receiving calls on HTC One X after RR LP-v5.5.1


I´m facing problems to make/receive phone calls after flashed RR.
It was flashed almost 1 year ago, but now the problem is huge.
I tryed wipe Dalvik/ART, System, Cache, Data. Phone becomes OK just for few calls or apps use and then the problem starts again.
It sound like a memory issue, but I´m not expert on Android.
I liked a lot of RR and would like to avoid another ROM, even the stock endeavoru_stock_4.19.707.5, once it doesn´t allow 100% of features in some apps, ´cause it is an old Stock for an old Android.

If somebody has a tip, it would be nice !

Thanks in advance !




  • Hello !

    No answers ?
    Well, let´s do in a different way: Is there any other RR ROM for HTC One X ?
    Maybe Marshmallow ??

    Tks !
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