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Bug report

1) device: lithium 
2) version: 5.8.5-20171102-lithium-final (not sure)
3) description: button of headphones (JBL single button in-ear headset) respond incorrectly, ie when pressed single time it plays/stops music AND reduces volume. The problem was not seen on other android devices (not using RR) and when using standard iPhone headset with present RR device. 
4) solution: the headphones were sending multiple keycodes (25 and 79), thus performing two actions at a time. Editing two files "msm8996-tasha-mtp-snd-card_Button_Jack.kl" and "Generic.kl" solved the matter. Deleting string "key 258" in former and editing "key 258   HEADSETHOOK"  in the latter did the trick. Personally i believe only deleting was essential. Thank u, hope this will help.


  • I am currently using ROM RR-N-v5.8.5-20171020-bacon-Final  in my oneplus one. I recently purchased Sony earphone MDR-X55AP to use with it. The control button of earphone was working fine for five minutes and after that it did not respond at all. I checked the control button in other devices , it was working just fine.  So please help me
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