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Whatsapp crashesh when creating/recording vocal messages

Hi! Thanks for reading! (I hope you do!). I'm pasting here the email I sent to Whatsapp support

Recently I updated my S5 G900P to Nougat 7.1.2, using Resurrection Remix ROM 5.8.5 for S5 sprint. It happens often (about 95% of times) that I can't send voice messages, it may crash to whatsapp menu as soon I press the microphone button or after 3-4 seconds (the same to whatsapp menu). 1% it happened the whatsapp completely crashed to android menu, the rest 4% only the 4 seconds limit is overcomed and the message is sucessfully sent.

I know I'm using a custom ROM and Whatsapp clearly shows possibile uncompatibilities after installation, but anyway you should consider to correct this problem, thank you. Yes I have the latest version of Whatsapp.
As well I'll notify to the creators of the ROM.
Unfortunately there is no official stock Nougat 7.1.2 ROM for Samsung S5, and I'll not downgrade to 6.01 just because of this issue. I'm sure it will be solved in future

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