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Website Rules

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¡Welcome to the RR Community!
RR Site Rules

ALL site users are expected to read and understand these rules

1.- Search before posting:

a.- We have a FAQ section, this includes both general questions that apply to all versions of Resurrection Remix ROM, and one section with specific issues per version version. This has been constructed with feedback from our community of ROM users, so please take the time to read it before posting your question!

If you have a suggestion for something that should be added to the FAQ, please PM a site admin and they will consider it.

You can find the FAQ section on the menu at the top of the screen.

b.- We also maintain information, over on XDA here. We try to update this website and XDA at the same time, but it is always worth checking for your issue there too.

2.- Don't ask for ETAs
Consider the next version of Resurrection Remix to be available WID. If westcrip decides to release a teaser, or possibly announce a release date, great! However, in general terms, development targets and deadlines shift as the test group will find something that wasn't seen before. AOKP could introduce a critical bug that would cause westcrip to not want to release.

Many many things can cause a delay. Therefore, an ETA is not normally provided. westcrip works exceptionally hard to ensure that the ROM is as stable and bug-free as possible. Just because there is a newer release of Android available, does NOT mean that it is an acceptable release for westcrip to tailor and put his name alongside.

3.- DO NOT post Warez.
We will not accept any post or behaviour that is designed to give free access to something that should be paid for. This absolutely not tolerated and will result in a ban. If you want to post a Play Store link and a recommendation, go for it.

This includes posting warez sites, a link to a paid application on any site that avoids payment being made, serial numbers, cracks (or links to sites that provide them)

If in doubt, DON'T POST IT

4.- Keep posts/threads on-topic
We want to promote discussion and build a fun and interesting place to be, however, please try to stay on topic with your posts. Remember we have an off-topic section, private messages and, of course, the Shoutbox.

5.- Do not spam.
Please do not post advertising without the express approval of a Site Admin or Mod. Links to the Play Store or XDA threads are NOT considered advertising and are acceptable. Also, do not flood the forum with posts asking the same question over and over.

Spamming via Private Message is also unacceptable and will result in a ban

6.- English only please
Please post only in English, this is a large community and is spread around the globe. If you post in another language, you are limiting the ability of people to help you.

7.- Personal attacks, racist statements, political and/or religious discussions
Just don't. The team at Resurrection Remix take this kind of thing extremely seriously and will ultimately ban people for inciting the kind of bad feeling that this kind of post can cause.

General behaviour

1.- Flame Wars
Please don't start flame wars and be respectful and tolerant. Experienced users will often seem intolerant or angry when the same question is posted day after day, hour after hour. Regardless of the amount of times you have answered a question, provide a link to the FAQ or search results.

In the time it takes you to respond and write "USE SEARCH" or "READ THE FAQ", you could have provided the link where the information could be found. Remember, we were all new to Resurrection Remix once.

2.- Courtesy
A community such as this will always have a number of "Hit and Run" users. People that dive on, get an answer to their question and are never heard from again. We accept this, but feel that common courtesy, such as a thank you, makes all the difference.

Your phone is important to you...if someone helps you to overcome a problem...take the time to write a confirmation that it worked, thanking the person that helped you...and possibly press the thanks button on their post.

3.- Don't request thanks
Asking people to press thanks is bad form. Sure, some people don't realise that the button exists, but this is no reason to beg for thanks. We don't give prizes or special access to things based on the number of thanks you have received. It would be nice...but we don't. The satisfaction of a job well done should be enough, and the thanks stats should be a nice bonus.

4.- NSFW Content
Please make sure that any threads that contain NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content, is clearly marked in the post title. A lot of people (especially the RR Team) access this site during their working day.

5.- Bans
We don't like doing it, but if we feel we have to...we will ban you.

Reasons for being banned:
Spamming the boards.
Spamming via Private Messages.
Spamming the ShoutBox.
Abuse of System Resources (including the report to mod feature).
Ignoring all requests of corrective actions.
Violating the terms of a previous reinstatement/rescinding of a previous ban.
Posting Warez (or otherwise avoiding payment)
Abusing community members
Blatant disregard for our community rules.

This isn't a de-facto list, rather, they are just some general guidelines.

We will not discuss a ban with you beforehand.

Appealing a Ban: There are absolutely no guarantees that even if you appeal a ban that it will be reversed/rescinded, especially if you've been banned previously. The best way to do this would be to drop an email to purelonewolf[AT]resurrectionremix[DOT]com.

Key things to remember:
* Be Professional - Think through your email before you send it.

* Stick to the facts - An email laced with white or blatant lies will often get overlooked.

* If you were legitimately wrong, own up to your error, and acknowledge it.

Key things to NOT do/send:
* Don't send other people to contact RR on your behalf. If you got banned, take responsibility for your own self. Don't expect/rely on others to do your work for you.

* Don't scream, DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPS, don't use profanity, unless quoting a specific example.

* Don't play the blame game. You were banned for a reason, focus on yourself, and don't be a tattle tale.

Thanks for reading this far. As a reward, you get to watch a video 8-)

Enjoy the Resurrection Remix Community !!!
Resurrection Remix Forum Dude
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